Affiliate Marketing As A Business Model

Hi Lisa here,

affiliate marketingToday I want to take a look at the affiliate marketing business. With more and more people earning a living online, has this business model finally come of age? Can we finally take affiliate marketers seriously?

These are all really pertinent questions to ask. If you know anything about this market, you’ll know that stories of 19 year old geeks sitting in their bedrooms and earning thousands of dollars each week abound. So, I decided to “dig down” a little bit and find out how true these stories are.

My first stop was the Scottish countryside somewhere outside of Aberdeen. Why would I want to go there you might ask?

Michael Cheney

The answer is simple. Its where I found Michael Cheney, a 42 year old Brit who is what is termed a “super affiliate”. So, naturally, I asked Michael…”waht is a “super affiliate”.

Slim and slender a fitness freak, he looks me right in the eye and smiles a big broad grin “I have no idea”, he laughs.

So, I cut right to the chase, “come on Michael, how much do you earn from affiliate marketing?”

“Well, it depends what i am doing in any given month, for example, this month, March 2016, I have just launched a new product called Commission Black Ops, I’ll probably make something like $60,000 this month”.michael-cheney

I am guessing that it is earnings like this that attach that super affiliate badge to people like Michael.

Super Affiliate

“Yeah, maybe”, he flashes that wide grin again, “in a normal month when I don’t launch a product, my earnings from affiliate marketing are between $30-40,000”.

On further discussion with him, I find out that he was driven by the lifetsyle that working online can bring. He was able to take his young family away from the City to a clean healthy life in the fresh air of Western Scotland.

So, what is affiliate marketing?

Quite simply its the promotion of a product in return for a commission on completion of a successful sale. It’s a very simple business idea. You promote sales for me, I’ll pay you if you make me extra sales. In essence it’s like having yourn opwn army of online sales execs out there selling your product.


However, the advent of certain advances in technology have made this a very simple process that anyone can do. Michael is the excpetion to the rule. For every Cheney there are many, many failed affiliates. It would be wrong to suggest otherwise. However, with virtually every product now having an affiliate program it is easy to see why the business has taken off. And, with the earnings potential and ease of start up it is also easy to see why more and more people are piling in to the business.

Aggregators like Clickbank and JVZoo offer a large centrak marketplace where digital product owners can make their prodccuts widely available for digital promotion. More people join the Amazon program daily and there are stories of affiliates earning many thousands of dollars from Amazon stores. Websites such as Offer Vault provide a marketplace to the world of CPA marketing (cost per action) where you do not even need to sell to earn money. The options are wide and varied.

Sound Advice

“The trick”, says Michael, is to pick one facet of affiliate marketing, learn it and stick with it. I see so many people fail because they jump from one process to another and never learn anything inĀ  enough detail to truly succeed”.

Wise words, and we should listen to someone who walks the walk!

“Personally, I launch 4 products each year, these educate affiliate marketers on the processes that can help them succeed in affiliate marketing. The rest of the time I promote other products in the how to make money online niche. So, my business is totally aligned and I have the right skills, and now a deep knowledge, to follow this model through”.

Even the most cursory search around the internet found other people engaged in affiliate marketing. Indeed I found one dedicated site, promoting Michael’s Commission Black Ops Reviewed. They also reviewed other relevant products like Matt Garrett’s Niche Reaper Review.

Unique Model

Its an interesting and unique business model and one that I had no idea was so widespread.

Other entrepreneurs like Dean Holland produce products that are different in nature but have the same end game in view. His Big Commission Blueprint is a stepped training program that takes people from complete “newbie” (someone who knows nothing about onine marketing) to epxert via five steps. As you generate success in one step, you earn enough to take the next step. It’s a very clever way of pulling people through the affiliate marketing minefield.

Come what may, affiliate marketing is frwoing rapidly with something like $18 billion likely to be traded via affiliate marketing in the US in 2016. That makes it not only a huge market, but also a very big opportunity.

Here’s a usefu video if you’re thinking of getting started.